Announcement for Public tender

(lmportation )

First time announcement

Sub. / Tender No. 2/T/CON-412017

Supplying, lnstalling and Operating production line to

Produce (HDPE) Pipes

With diameters (250-630) mm

Pressure of (6, 10) bar

And a production capacity of (750-1000) kg/h

Within 2017 operational budget allocations

(The state company for construction industrieswhich belong to lraqi ministry of industry & Minerals) is pleased to invitethe qualified and experienced bidders to submit their bids to (supplying,installing and operating production line to produce HDPE Pipes), within 2017, operationalBudget allocations and note the following:

  1. The qualified bidders who want to obtainadditional information shall call (the state company for constructionindustries) (every day from 8;00 AM till 2:00 PM of Wednesday 1/11/2017 Exceptof Fridays and official local holidays) as shown in the instructions tobidders.
  2. lnterested bidders can buy biddocuments, after submitting written request to the address specified in the biddata sheet, and after paying the selling value of documents amounts to (250 000l.D) Two hundred fifty thousand lraqi Dinars (not repayable).
  3. The bids are delivered to the followingaddress (the state company for construction industries/ tender box at frontdesk after supporting that by the opening committee in the company) whichlocated at Baghdad- Hay-Babil, Mahalla 931 , Zukak-27, Building No. 2/Al-Rasheed Camp road nearby the state company for vegetable oil industries till(12:00 PM OF Wednesday 1/11/2017).Which consider the closing date. Late bidsafter this date will be rejected, and the bids will be opened by the attendanceof the bidders or their representatives. Attendance shall be at the followingaddress (Meeting Hall/ Ground floor at the company HQ) after 12:00PM ofWednesday 1/11/2017.

The estimated cost for this project is (800 000000) lraqi Dinars OR the equivalent to the US dollar according to the bulletinof the central Bank at the tender closing day.



Salleh A.Josef

Director General


 chairman of the board

E. mail: info@scci-qov. iq

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