Application of total quality requirements
in the company:

Application of total quality requirements in all company's fieldstoachieve external audit, which is the beginning stages to obtain a certificateof quality. Where it has provided the need edinfr a structure which ensure inaddition to get the quality certificate and maintain it by continuous developmentand improvement through the following :

  1. Setting up a wide plan and principles todemonstrate and guide the company's leader to achieve its goalsby using allavailableresources(human and material) and making all the processes away to ensure the stability tothe company's work.
  2. Identifyingthe methods and ways of working,responsibilities to ensure not nooverlap andreviews the procedures to resolve(administrative andfinancial) the problems in the company and reduce waste of resources bydispense with unnecessary.
  3. Considering the application of quality as astrategic nationalgoal sought bythe companythrough thestudying of the realityof configurations and identifies the gap between the available and required forrehabilitation work and put a stages time planto implement its activitiesincludingthe distribution of roles and responsibilities andidentifying financialindependentand the required human resources.
  4. Improve working methods in line to enteras competitorfor foreign products in the domestic and foreign market.
  5. Identifying the mechanism for monitoringand auditing to ensure the implementation transparency andclarity in thepresentationand exchange of information.

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