Dueto the important of investment in addressing the technical and economic problem and upgrading energies production to the target level and developing the production capacities by installing a new production lines and build up new projects according to the instructions of Ministry of Industry and Minerals/ Investment division and due to the requirements of the current stage it was opened the investment division in the company to do the following:

Contributionto preparation of the company's investment plans, and preparing investment files and studies in order to attract the investors and follow up,all the matters related to the investment contracts with investors and suggest a mechanism to facilitate the work of investment activity and reducing routine procedures and promote investment opportunities.


     Rehabilitation plans  according to investment plan.

  The state company for construction industries occupies an important place in construction sector,because it has one of the important sources to cover this sector, The company will be rehabilitate the plants, old production lines and construct technical and economic study for new project which support this sector since 2008 to 2017, to achieve the target of  the company and treatment the social and economic problem the company will be:

  1. Rehabilitation the plants of the company with self efforts to supply the demand of the public and private sector such as rehabilitee Baghdad and Maysan plastic pipes and it  has produced (UPVC) pipes with size(110),(225)ml in white colour and high quality. The plant has the ability to produce pipes at (4), (8) atm depending on the old production line.
  2. Rehabilitation concrete frame plant and produce non-typical production such as wall and concrete beam with different size according to the demand of customers.
  3. The company will be import and install new production line in Maysan plastic plantto produce plastic pipes at (250-900)ml (Amut) Italian.
  4. The company will be rehabilitate the Middle Euphrates Quarries and AL-NibaiQuarries, and advanced it to produce production according to the demand of customers such as sand, gravel and the company will be import machinery & equipment from China and initialized location to install it. 

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