1. the production of new products atypical customized as production fences in the Abu Ghraib structures plant.
2. Participation number of research, including the search marked (the work of concrete mixtures using dust cement manner pressing and ripening) of the dust of the cement set up by the body industrial research and development in collaboration with the cement company in the presence of a number of figures in Iraqi universities and companies seminar was honored research owners to participate on their role in the the success of the session has also been chosen for display in the second scientific Alatmr to the Ministry of Industry and minerals, after being evaluated by the board of industrial research and development.
3. have been prepared in the scientific version that includes About the construction industry and the research has been completed evaluation by the Advisory Committee on the board of industrial research and development and obtain a letter of appreciation in appreciation of the efforts of the participants in the preparation.
4. considered IT a necessities geared to meet the requirements and needs of citizens through the construction of communication networks to the Internet and improve service levels and the application of the stomach electronic systems by different actors to completed by the administrative work and to promote the use of e-mail for speed and accuracy in the transfer of information, correspondence, thus eliminating the paperwork in order to minimize cost and effort and to shorten the time.

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