1-    Bricks:

The company produce this material according to Iraqi specification number ( 25 ) in 1969 in dimensions
( 6.5*11.5*24 ) cm. Brick is needed by private and public sector.

2-    Plastic pipes and other appended

    Those are two kinds it is:   

a-     Poly vinyl chloride Pipes (PVC) :

These pipes are produce according to German standards (8062) withmeasures

90-110-160-225-250-315-400-450-500-560-630-710-800-900) ) ml and with compression(6-10)bar.

b-    poly ethylene pipes with high density (H D P E):

These pipesare produced according to German standards (8074-8075) with measures(40-50-70-90-110-160-225)ml under compression (6-10) bar.

 These pipes are used for water nets andsewerage and also for agriculture needs and for light cables.

3-    Sand and Gravel

       a-sand: It is one of raw building materials and can be  classified to

          - Sand

          - Sieved Sand
          - Washed Sand 
          - Filter sand is used in purification units which is produce according to descriptions of Iraqi standards                 numbered (1555) for the year 1989 included (0.6-5) .

b-  Gravel: It is used in building and infiltered and can be classified to:

   - Gravel:  which is divided to degrees and measured(5-10),(5-19) and (19-38) ml and the boulder according        to the Iraqi standards(45) year (1980).

  - Crashed gravel producedaccording to the Iraqi standards (45) year 1980 and measured (5-10) ml
   (5- 19)ml(19-38)ml.

 - Filtered gravel it isproduced according to Iraqi standards numbered (1555) year (1989)   measured(2.5-6.5),      (6.5-9.5),(9.5-13)(13-38),(38-50)ml.

Sand andgravel that produce from the company has high specification and submissive tolaboratory tests continually insure in order to be congruously to the standardsas knowing the rate of salt and size and the rate of silica. Due to the highspecification for filter sand the company continuesto production through theprovision of large amounts of reserve to export it.

4-    Concrete Poles and frames

Concretepoles are used to transfer the electricity in cities and villages use thosepoles instead of iron poles which are imported. These poles are made with highstandard it's length (8,11)m. The Electricity Ministry is a chief customer todeal with it for marketing this product with wanted quantities.

Theconcrete frames are basic units to construct roofs, stores and clubs. The framehas two pillars and a bridge in the middle connect the two pillars.

This frameis produced with factory specification with high capability and it's spacelength (18)m.  In addition to installplant for the production of concrete ready.

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