spare parts manufacturing plant :

 It is workshop to manufacture spare parts for bricks plants and it was main rolein supporting the plants to maintenance the plant, especially for effective parts: -

  • Screw and shift for mixers and extruder of brick factory.
  • jacket of theextruder for bricks factory.
  • clay fins ofextruder and mixers in bricks factory.
  • Gear for allcompany plant.
  • fans withvarious size for all plant.
  • Various mechanical parts.

 The plant was support other companies subsidiaries to the ministry of industry by manufacturing spare parts with high quality as ordered the customers such as:

  • Fans  screw at (500)ml, (6)ml for cement plants.
  •  Gear for cement plan.
  • Fans pushing and pulling for textile industry.
  •  Fans with different diameter and capacities for electric station.
  • Screw for transfer machines for cement,vegetable oils, phosphate companies.
  • Gear with different size for electric station.
  • Various mechanical parts for Tobacco and cigarettes and Dairy companies.

 The plant was manufacturing  caravans for agriculture and electricity ministries to increase the revenue of the company.



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