Achievements and activities

- Design and implementation of paint and metal line (Alvesvth and oxidative stress) (Phosphation- oxizing)

- Contribute to design and supervise the implementation of the unity of industrial water treatment

- Preparation Search Takll metals (Corrosion) and its impact on industry operations and prevention

- Effective problems in the preparation and implementation of the single window in the style of the Directorate General of Industrial Development

- A study on the issue and implementation of the technical and administrative decisions at the General Directorate for Industrial Development

- A study of small and medium industries and development

- A study of the Iraqi Special industrial investment and industrial laws Ltinayh

- A study entitled (Directorate-General for industrial development in the future developments and challenges)

- Study create and archive work in the Directorate General of Industrial Development Project

- Study convert Activity Development Directorate of self-financing to the central funding

- Preparation of technical and economic feasibility of the projects, major development projects in Iraq and nutritious for a mixed sector projects Studies

- Participation in Aamall Third Scientific Conference of the center of the Iraqi market research and consumer protection (the reality and prospects of the pharmaceutical industry, marketing, safety, quality and its impacts on the Iraqi consumer rights)

- Follow up the production process and assign labs and provide operating supplies to raise production capacities and prepare urged cadres to work from all directions to achieve revenue for the advancement of the General Company for Construction Industries

- Follow-up rehabilitation Alamaamell stalled the General Company for Construction Industries

- Modernization of the investment files coefficient General Company for Construction Industries for the purpose of investing through follow-ups with the investment department at the ministry's headquarters

- Follow-up to the investment plan implemented in accordance with the economic and technical feasibility of the projects in the General Company for Construction Industries Study

- Assigning the trend towards e-governance by supporting and training the cadres of the General Company for Construction Industries and provide efficient system performance requirements

   Ministerial committees:

- Study of industrial investment mixed sectors and private law No. (20) for the year 1998 to determine the paragraphs that requires modification and propose necessary amendments

- Reviewing Investment Law No. (13) of 2006 and the powers granted to the Investment Authority.

- Follow-up to the recommendations of the committee formed by Messrs agents and advisers specialists on the proposed amendments down to draft an updated and integrated law in industrial investment.

- Representative of the Ministry of Industry in the community initiatives program with the Ministry of Health and UNICEF

- A representative of the Ministry of Industry in the Ministerial Committee (private sector development) for the purpose of preparation of the national development plan for the years 2010-2014 within the time limit specified them.

- Chairman of the Main Committee of Ministers to grant soft loans for industrial projects

- Specialized bank insurance on the basis of developmental banking to lend Industrialists

- Member of the Task Force developed industrial strategy (1010 - 2030) and Economic Reform

- In the form of opinion member (fourth session) at the center of the ministry and the problem ministerial order number 411/20/38657 on 09/07/2015.

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