Date and place of birth: alkut/ 1960 

Education: Bachelor of electrical engineering in 1982

Date of first appointment: APR.1987

Management Skills

 he beganto set up an integrated plan based on economic and technical feasibilitystudies seeking at implementing them by monitoring various activities, as wellas periodic evaluation on results, addressing barriers and obstacles thathinder those activities, submittance of fruitfulproposals to optimize the strength points and process weak points, thanks tohis efficiency and experience in managerial, technical, financial, and economicareas, that include the following:

  1. Setting up plans and studies to produce alternativeproducts in order to tackle the loss resulted from overstocked products of somefactories, which led to breakdown in production, and subsequently selecting thesubstitute that offers more possible revenues or advantages.
  2. Exerting efforts to gain confidence of world marketsand multiplication of exports, which deem as an indicator to economicperformance quality and the company's contribution in achieving the economictargets of Iraq, and the degree of openness to Arab and world markets. Thus, heis currently seeking to export sand and gravel filters. The high value of thisindicator constitutes as an attraction for investment, therefore reflectingavailability in production and duplicates foreign currency reserves.
  3. Working on perfect usage of resources at hand andhuman and physical capabilities to accomplish production with minimum cost,effort and energy through constant studies of company's own abilities in orderto achieve self-sufficiency in resources.
  4. For the elimination of unemployment, which is one ofthe economic problems with social dimension, suffered by all world states invarying proportions, including Iraq,he is now working on how to find the best solution to solve this dilemma, andthe possibility to increase production rate, being the most significantstandard in productivity.
  5. Development of competencies, and keeping pace withongoing progress in all areas, through providing guidance for setting oftraining schemes outside company's borders, ancouragement and stimulation ofskilled personnel to hold training programs inside the company to transfertheir expertise to other staffs and support them in preparation of researcheswhen participating in conferences held by different authorities, whether inMinistry of Industry or others, to boost their capabilities, in addition totransfer of company's own reality to the remaining sectors and showing its owncapability in many aspects.
  6. Spreading of work enthusiasm under the one-team-spiritprinciple for all staffs. This would result in issuance of informed decisionsbased on summary of thoughts and opinions from all staffs to fulfill company'ssought targets.
  7. Arranging seminars and meetings with directors ofsectors and factories, besides heads of sections of the company to study andovercome difficulties they are facing at work, and providing support, improvingspirits and attempting to analyze their proposals and ideas to pave the waytowards selection of the right decision.

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