Name: Ahmed Abdullah Najm Al Kaabi
Place and date of birth: - KUT -  3/4/1960
Degree: Bachelor of Engineering 

His skills to manage the company

Develop an integrated plan based on economic and technical feasibility studies and seek to implement them through monitoring the various activities and periodic evaluation of the results of their implementation and address the problems and obstacles faced by them and provide constructive proposals for the development of strengths and address the weaknesses of the efficiency and experience in all areas of administrative work, technical, financial and economic, -

1 - Direct supervision and the development of plans and studies to implement the rehabilitation of the plants of our company

2 - Attempts serious to raise revenues through the preparation of investment files to gain foreign markets and to maximize exports, which is the index of good economic performance, the extent of the company's contribution to achieve the economic objectives of the country and the degree of openness to the Arab and global markets, so he seeks to export the material of sand and gravel candidates, Is an investment magnet and therefore reflects savings and increases the reserve of foreign exchange.

3 - pour efforts to optimize the use of available resources and human and material resources to achieve production at the lowest cost and effort and waste of energies through ongoing studies of the possibilities of the company to achieve self-sufficiency in resources

4 - To eliminate unemployment, which is one of the economic problems with a social dimension, which suffer the countries of the world in varying proportions, including our country, it is continuing to study how to solve this dilemma and the possibility of increasing the rate of employment of laboratories and thus reduce the unemployment rate, which is one of the most important productive standards.

5. Developing competencies and keeping abreast of the developments in all fields by giving guidance on preparing training plans outside the company and encouraging and motivating the cadres with the accumulated experience to set up training courses within the company to transfer their expertise to the rest of the members and the different specialties, as well as support and support cadres for the preparation of researches to participate in conferences organized by different parties Both in the Ministry of Industry and outside the ministry to increase their capabilities in addition to transfer the reality of the company's status to other sectors and to indicate their potential in many areas.

6 - spreading the love of work in the spirit of one team for all members of the company and its various sections and thus the decisions of deliberate based on the conclusion of ideas and opinions of all to achieve the objectives of the company's work

7 - Holding seminars, meetings and meetings with managers of sectors and laboratories and department managers concerned with the company to study and overcome the difficulties they face in the work and provide support and support and raise morale and try to analyze their views and proposals to facilitate the choice of the right decision

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