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General Company for Construction Industries was founded as a going concern under the dissolved Revolutionary Command Council Resolution 283 on 30/4/1987 of merging three specialized facilities in the construction industry, as in the below:

   1.General Establishment for gypsum industries.

   2.General Establishment for asbestos and plastic industries.

   3.General Establishment for the concrete industry.

Thenadded to four other facilities Bmuja another resolution number 333 in whicheach of 06/03/1988:

   4.General Establishment for Concrete and light limestone

   5.General Establishment for Building Materials preliminary.

   6.General Company for the manufacture of bricks.

   7.General Company for the marketing of construction

Turnedinto a public company under the Companies Act 22 of 1997 and the testimony ofthe founding of 12.22.1997 No. 40, and as of 1/1/1998.

TheGeneral Company for Construction Industries includes several plants, includingthe brick plants, which are concentrated in the central and southern regions ofIraq, and there are two plants for the production of plastic pipes, one inBaghdad and another in Maysan province, in addition to the pillars of theconcrete plant in Badush structures of concrete in the Abu Ghraib company alsoit includes quarries sand and gravel in Karbala in Nibai located the generalmanagement of the company in Baghdad and has an independent service units.

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